Author: Simone M   Date Posted:3 September 2018 


Did you know the average smartphone life expectancy now reaches 4.7 years (according to the Consumer Electronics Association). This means if you purchase a refurbished phone you could expect to use it for a few more years before performance noticeably suffers. It might seem crazy that an expensive device like a smartphone could have such a short lifespan.


Keeping in mind, the life expectancy varies depending on manufacturer make and model, among other factors. If you are thinking about purchasing a mobile phone but have reservations spending such large sums of money on a device that is ultimately devalued as soon as you walk out of the shop, consider a certified pre-owned refurbished smartphone.



Similar to PC’s, smartphones slow down over time as memory fills with apps and programs, as part of the Certified Tech Direct refurbishment process used phones are inspected and cleaned to ensure that the memory is cleared for the new owner.



Often customers turf their old phones because their screen is broken but simply because their device just won't hold a decent battery charge.

The quality of the battery is something that can be controlled and will help you get much more life out of your smartphone.

  Avoid excessive battery charging
  Keep the device away from excessive heat
  Avoid draining the battery to zero percent


With some common-sense care practices and a smart buying strategy your refurbished smartphone can be a good investment. When you come to buying a new device think about all your options and treat your smartphone well, it will most defiantly pay off for years to come.




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